The Directorate of Art & Culture Department functions in its own building since 1997. It is headed by the Director. There is one Joint Director and two Deputy Directors to assist the Director. Direction, Administration and supervision of the Directorate establishment and subordinate offices under it are vested with the Director. The Directorate directly handles the functions and programmes of the Institute of Music & Fine Arts (IMFA) which is put under the charge of one Deputy Director. The management and control of Vanapa Hall is also directly done from the Directorate through the Officer-In-Charge. The programme on archaeology is also taken up directly under the control of the Director. Programmes on promotion of art & culture, grant-in-aid, other cultural events/ programmes are directly handled in the Directorate. The Mizoram Publication Board (MPB) is also functioning under the control of Director and other officers in the Directorate.

Contact – Director : 0389 – 2341038

Joint Director : 0389 - 2340929