PAWNDUM – G.I. No. 586 of 6.8.2019

In the book 'Dictionary of the Lushai Language' published in 1940 by Mr. J. Herbert Lorrain (Pioneer Missionaries to the Lushais) included the word `Pawndum' and define it as 'a dark blue cloth worn by Lushais' 

Mr. Lianhmingthanga, Senior Research Officer, Tribal Research Institute, Art &Culture Department, Govt. of Mizoram in his book 'Material Culture of the Mizo' published on 1998 stated that Pawndum is worn by youngmen as a night cover during their stay in Zawlbuk (Men's dormitory). It was also used as attire while performing `Khuallam', one of the famous traditional dances of the Mizos. 

Pawndum is used by a girl as `Zawlpuan,' a special dowry in marriage. A young Mizo woman was required to weave Pawndum and carry it along to her new home when she got married. If she failed to carry it to the new home, it was considered her prime duty to weave one soon after going to her in-law's place. Failure to do so was looked upon as highly disgraceful in the Mizo culture. The Pawndum was to be used as a shroud to cover her dead husband's body had he died during her lifetime. It could also be used to cover the bodies of any close relative on her husband's side. Pawndum has a deep cultural significance, even to this day. 

It is a textile made of two loom widths pieces of cloth. Pawndum was characterized by bold warp stripes of handspun indigo-dyed blue-black cotton and naturally dyed red cotton obtained from barks of different plants such as sentezel (Calophyllum polyanthum), sentelek and khei (Mallotus phillippensis).

Different designs of Pawndum that have evolved in course of time are displayed in the textile gallery section of the State Museum of Mizoram. 


Puanchei hi Mizo puan zingah chuan lar leh pawimah ber a ni a. Mizo hmeichhe inthuamna kawl zinga tel ngei ngei tur a ngaih a ni. He puan hi hmeichhia te tan inneih ni thuam pawimawh tak a ni a, hunpui leh kutpui nikhua a thuam langsar ber a ni bawk a ni. 

Mizo puan te hi chin dan tlanglawn ah chuan puan hrang pahnih thui zawm an ni thin a. Mizo Puanchei erawh chu puantah chi hrang pathum thui khawm a ni thung a ni. Heng puantah pathumte zingah hian a puan lai chu a sin ber a. 

Mizo puanchei ah hian Mizo puan ze hrang hrang hmuh tur a awm a. A ze pui ber chu Puanlaisen atanga lak a ni a. Puanlaisen ah chuan a puan lai takah langsar takin a sen in a tial phei thin a ni.

Mizo Puanchei hi bit taka tah a ni thin a, rih pawh a rit thawkhat thin hle a ni. A tah tur pawhin puan tah thiam tak nih a ngai ve a ni. Tunhma chuan la dum nan tin te hman a ni thin a. Tunhnu ah erawh chuan awlsam te in synthetic la lei mai tur a tam tawh hle a ni.