The Government of India’s scheme of Promotion of art and culture was extended to the Union Territory of Mizoram when it attained the U.T. status in 1972. The scheme has been continued since then and the Directorate of Art & Culture was carved out from the Education and Human Resources Development in February, 1989. The various isolated programmes relating to promotion of art and culture in Mizoram were then brought together under one umbrella. Thus the Department of Art & Culture headed by the Secretary in the Govt. and the Director in the Directorate began to function since February 1989 and makes its own Five Year Plans commencing from the 8the Five Year Plan onwards.

During the last 22 years of its existence as a Department, the Art & Culture Department has created permanent assets and has established well. In spite of its meager budget allocations and inadequate administrative infrastructures it has achieved commendable progress. The programmes initiated by the Department since its inception are very well responded by the public, especially, the youth community. This raised The Department to a high level of importance and recognition.