MIZO PUANCHEI – G.I. No. 583 of 14.8.2019

Mizo Puanchei is the most colourful and popular among the Mizo Puan (cloth) and it is an essential possession for every Mizo lady. It is wrapped around the waist by tucking in at the waist to fasten it, covering the lower part of the body. It is an important item in their marriage outfit, and the most commonly used costume in their festive dances and traditional ceremonies. 

Generally, two pieces of cloth are woven which are delicately sewn together to form one complete Puan. Unlike the other Puan, Mizo Puanchei is woven in three pieces with the middle being the narrowest. 

Many traditional designs are incorporated to form an elaborate textile in Mizo Puanchei. The design of the ground fabric is taken from Puanlaisen, a Puan is which a prominent deep red stripe is running horizontally in the middle along the length of the Puan. 

Mizo Puanchei is a compactly woven textile, it is medium to heavy fabric, and is a good quality woven fabric. It is woven on a traditional loin loom. The weavers inserted the designs and motifs by using supplementary yarns while weaving. The different significant traditional designs and motifs are incorporated in this textile. Especially skilled weavers are required for making this elaborate textile. 

In the earlier days, homespun cotton yarns dyed with natural dyes are used. Synthetic yarns gradually replaced the use of locally produced cotton yarns, since wide range of synthetic yarns are available in the market.


Puanchei hi Mizo puan zingah chuan lar leh pawimah ber a ni a. Mizo hmeichhe inthuamna kawl zinga tel ngei ngei tur a ngaih a ni. He puan hi hmeichhia te tan inneih ni thuam pawimawh tak a ni a, hunpui leh kutpui nikhua a thuam langsar ber a ni bawk a ni. 

Mizo puan te hi chin dan tlanglawn ah chuan puan hrang pahnih thui zawm an ni thin a. Mizo Puanchei erawh chu puantah chi hrang pathum thui khawm a ni thung a ni. Heng puantah pathumte zingah hian a puan lai chu a sin ber a. 

Mizo puanchei ah hian Mizo puan ze hrang hrang hmuh tur a awm a. A ze pui ber chu Puanlaisen atanga lak a ni a. Puanlaisen ah chuan a puan lai takah langsar takin a sen in a tial phei thin a ni.

Mizo Puanchei hi bit taka tah a ni thin a, rih pawh a rit thawkhat thin hle a ni. A tah tur pawhin puan tah thiam tak nih a ngai ve a ni. Tunhma chuan la dum nan tin te hman a ni thin a. Tunhnu ah erawh chuan awlsam te in synthetic la lei mai tur a tam tawh hle a ni.