Heng panel a kan hmuh theih milemte hi Mizo history behchhan a hmanlaia thil lo thleng tawh ngei te an ni lo va. A siamtu artist-te suangtuahna atanga lo irh chhuak, Mizo thawnthu, history leh culture hrang hrang behchhan a entirna nei tura siam an ni. 

A thlir tute tana hriat tur pawimawh tak pakhat chu, heng panel-te hi a mal mala kan en bakah art work pakhat anga a indawta en tur an ni. Panel tin ten anmahni thawnthu ken an puan chhuah theuh te leh an indawt dan anga Mizo hnam chanchin kan thlir dan kan duante hi inlaichinna nei chho vek an ni.


These panels depict scenes that are based on real live events, on things that have happened in the past and that which are integral parts of Mizo history. They are the artists’ re-imagination of such events, presented as to embody a deeper meaning pertaining to Mizo history and culture.

An important point to note for the viewer is that these panels can certainly be viewed individually as an independent artwork. However, they must also be viewed as a whole, sequentially forming a single large piece of artwork.  Each panel depicts its own story. At the same time, they are arranged in such a manner that viewing them together in proper order presents stories that constitute pivotal elements of Mizo history. It must be clearly understood that all these components are intrinsically intertwined.

Panel 1: The Creation Story

Panel 2: The Mizo Spirit

Panel 3: War

Panel 4: Conflict

Panel 5: Balance